LHMS: Ernesto


For the global advisory company EY, we developed the Ernesto mobile app to manage routine recruitment processes step by step.

Mobile app

With the Ernesto app, we provided people interested in work with the opportunity to enter the world of one of today’s most successful companies, experience how to advance a career within it, and learn everything important about the company.

It is easy. After registering with the app, the user is automatically employed as an associate and by progressively completing tasks can advance to company partner. In addition, the user obtains real rewards at each advance.

We have also developed a simple microsite where the app can be downloaded.

Advantages for users

Those interested in employment at EY may send their CVs via the app and need not guess blindly about how things work at EY.

Advantages for the client

EY obtains a great deal of useful data on users and can select new employees from among the best candidates.

Jak to funguje?

Guerrilla campaign

We also wanted to break away from the usual conventions in promoting the app. We therefore developed a guerrilla campaign through which we invaded selected universities and their surroundings. We placed clean graffiti on pavements, placed paper hats and planes inside buildings, and covered everything in reach with our stickers. There was no escaping Ernesto.

250 stickers

6 000 fold-ups

50 graffiti

Facebook communications

For EY’s careers Facebook page, we got live communication fully underway with anyone curious or interested. Fresh posts with original graphics provide fans with information on interesting jobs at EY, lectures and workshops worth attending, and occasional insight into life at the company.

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