LHMS: Phoenix Launch

Phoenix Launch

When the new model of the TATRA PHOENIX was introduced to the Czech market, we had to be there. We handled the entire launch and meticulously introduced the new vehicle to the public, journalists, and dealers.

Presentation to
the general public

We wanted to present the new TATRA PHOENIX in its best light. We went all the way to the Canary Islands to shoot the product exterior photos. The video spot was filmed in the most difficult off-road conditions of the TATRA Test Polygon in Kopřivnice. Judge for yourself:


As part of the above-the-line campaign, we designed and developed a dynamic microsite. This first served as a teaser with a countdown to the official unveiling of the vehicle. After the presentation, visitors could find here all available information, configure their own TATRA, and register for a test drive.

Presentation to
the expert public

We officially presented the TATRA PHOENIX to journalists and the expert public from around the world at several events we fully organized.
The vehicle was unveiled at the Technical Museum Tatra in Kopřivnice, and event participants could personally try the vehicle through test drives at the polygon in Kopřivnice. As part of the event, we also contributed to dealer acquisition.

Podpora dealerům

We organized product training events for TATRA PHOENIX dealers and prepared and produced all training materials. Product training again included test drives at the polygon in Kopřivnice.

Together with our client, we developed for all TATRA dealers (i.e. not only PHOENIX dealers) the TATRA Dealer Portal – an online solution for managing customer relations and a tool for communications between TATRA and the dealer network.

Product training events

Organization of dealer training events, including preparation and production of all training materials.

Test drives

Organization of test drives for dealers.

TATRA Dealer Portal

A portal for TATRA dealers. A motivational tool and customer relationship management system for contact administration.