LHMS: ŠKODA Connectivity Help desk

ŠKODA Connectivity HELP DESK

We provide technical support for users of connectivity systems in ŠKODA vehicles for all countries across the world where these vehicles are sold


ŠKODA Connectivity HELP DESK

The current times force us to be constantly online. We live a digital life. And automobiles? For a long time, they have lagged far behind us. The answer is a new automotive phenomenon: connectivity. A comprehensive connection of our smart devices with the vehicle. All major automotive manufacturers are implementing these new solutions into their cars, thereby bringing to their customers a new benchmark for safety, comfort and fun. ŠKODA AUTO is doing so, too.

Although this entire topic is very appealing to customers and sellers alike, it also is still very new.

This is why, together with ŠKODA AUTO, we have built a Help Desk for ŠKODA connectivity systems.


  • We help car owners put all their connectivity systems into operation and under their control in their new vehicles.
  • We provide this same support to ŠKODA AUTO sellers and service specialists.
  • We advise the clients how best to use the new features of connectivity accessories and new online services their vehicles have today and which they could acquire in future vehicles.


All our consultants

  • are certified ŠKODA Media Experts and undergo regular further training,
  • are experts in the automotive area and on the ŠKODA brand, specializing on possibilities in using connectivity in ŠKODA vehicles,
  • speak Czech, German and/or English.